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Specimen Box No. 20191
Specimen Box No. 20191
Serial No. 20191

Buying Artwork


Current prices of single original artworks by Mark Kessell range from USD$300 - $20,000.

How to Purchase

You can purchase original artwork by clicking the "Purchase this" link beneath items which are for sale. If a "Purchase this" link does not appear beneath an image, it is because that artwork is not available for sale online. If the work is available for sale through an art gallery, you will find this information by clicking "About this Series". "Purchase this" enables you to use most major credit cards to pay securely and quickly via Paypal, even if you are not a registered Paypal user. If you prefer to purchase by check or by electronic transfer of funds, please direct your enquiry to the email address below.


Artwork prices do not include shipping or sales tax (if applicable). Great care is taken in packaging artwork for transport, using only museum-grade materials. All items are shipped using a trackable service such as UPS or Fedex.


A receipt signed by the artist will be included with original artwork to verify the provenance of the piece and prove that you are now its rightful owner.


Most pieces by Mark Kessell are produced in small editions. The total number in the edition is specified on the purchase page. Daguerreotypes are produced in an "edition" of one - each daguerreotype is a unique piece which cannot be created again. All editioned works, including daguerreoytpes, are signed and dated by the artist. If an item is not editioned - for example, a catalog - that will also be specified.


Unless otherwise stated all artwork is shipped unframed. Daguerreotypes are sealed beneath Waterwhite Denglas with a custom-made Lexan spacer at no extra charge.


If you have questions about purchasing an artwork, please email your enquiry to: